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Bringing the fun wherever I go. 

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Live Event Host

Uplifting, inspiring and everyone wants to be my friend - that's not just what my mum says. I'll bring the magic to your live event with wit, charm and exuberance that I've honed over a decade of standing up in front of roomfuls of strangers. Want me to do it standing on my hands or swinging from the ceiling? Say no more. 

You know you want me. 

Serpentine handstand4.JPG


Think of it as dancing on hands... and feet. My Serpentine act will take your audience on a journey of self discovery and dazzle them with delight. Or you can commission me to create a piece specifically for your event or show. 


Aerial Hoop

Sensual and sensational, spinny and spectacular, my aerial hoop acts will have your audience entranced. 

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