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Got a problem? Like Vanilla Ice, I'll help you solve it. But I'm no magician - you'll have to work hard, too, and want things to change. 

Are you frustrated with someone or something (perhaps yourself) and wish they (or you) would change already?

Want to improve your relationship or figure out whether stay or go? 

Harbouring guilt or shame over something you've done or do?

Been through a traumatic event?

Fed up with endless chronic pain or illness and feeling like your body is betraying you?

Feel broken beyond repair?

Struggling to cope with the loss of someone you love (death or a breakup)? 

Feeling depressed or anxious?

Feel completely lost and no idea what to do with your life?

Or maybe you do know what you want but believe that pursuing your dreams will hurt those you love..?

Tried other therapies and had unsatisfactory results? Me too. That's why I don't offer conventional therapy. I use the Demartini Method, CBT and whatever works (but nothing fluffy) because those are things that helped me see the wood through the trees, stop wallowing in my self-imposed misery and overcome so many of my own issues.  

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What You Get

New perspectives, greater emotional management and balance. More resilience, less volatility and less disturbed by your issue. Tools you can use throughout your life.


Together we will transform your perspective, revolutionise your relationships, and deal with the stuff that’s weighing you down and holding you back from living a life you love.

You can listen to a Podcast episode about this HERE.

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How it Works

It's a two-way street and through asking you key questions and sharing some tough home truths, I facilitate you to find the solutions within yourself, leaving you feeling calmer and more resilient.

Sessions are 90 mins - 3 hours long online unless otherwise requested. 

Why so long? Because sometimes it can take that long to get to the good stuff and have a meaningful impact. 

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • 3 Hours Coaching

    Single blast or 2 x 90 minute sessions
    Valid for one month
  • 6 Hours Coaching

    3 x 2 hour sessions or 4 x 90 min coaching sessions
    Valid for 2 months
  • 12 Hours Coaching

    6 x 2 hour sessions or 8 x 90 mins coaching sessions
    Valid for 4 months
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