Who am I?

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I have always been into movement, from dance to parkour, and I am a qualified Osteopath. I found myself drawn to yoga and mixed-movement as a more fun and effective way to get people in pain to feel better and move more freely.


FlowMotion developed as a way to combine all of the movement styles I enjoy in one class and I have been teaching these classes since all the way in 2013.


My own long-term injury, the death of my sister aged 31 and my futility with treating chronic pain led me to spend the last 9 years studying persistent pain, the mind-body connection, and change the way I work, incorporating brain training and the latest research on pain and mental health. I am trained in the Demartini Method, which I use to help people one-on-one and in courses and workshops

Now I help people who have persistent pain, injuries or illness by using a psychological approach as well as movement. I assist people with issues ranging from severe back pain to recurring infections, relationship issues, depression to childhood trauma. Simply put, I help people to help themselves by turning an issue into an advantage.

Now that I’ve talked myself up suitably I think it’s time to let you know that as much I love to move, equally importantly I love to have a laugh (at myself) in the process. If this sounds like your cup to tea, I’d love you to join one of my group classes, book a one-on-one session, or come along to one of my fabulous (if I do say so myself) retreats


If you're not able to get to a live class, then my online offerings might be perfect for you.