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Who am I?

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Hi, I'm Amy. 

I love movement and helping people deal with the shit that's interfering with their lives and keeping them up at night, be it physical or emotional. 

I qualified as an osteopath in 2012 but stopped osteopathy because I realised that there was only so much I could do with my hands that had a meaningful effect on patients' pain. In essence, most of the patients I was seeing needed to move differently or address the stress that was feeding into their pain, so I set about teaching movement ("yoga") and learning as much as I could about pain, the mind-body connection and psychology in order to help them.  

My own long-term injury, the death of my sister aged 31, daddy issues, mummy issues, sibling issues, boyfriend issues and a host of professional insecurities sent me crawling down the rabbit hole of personal development, training in the Demartini Method, which has helped me overcome so much of my own shit, and now helping people like you overcome yours - in private sessions and workshops


You can get my help with issues from severe back pain to ongoing illness, relationship issues, depression to childhood trauma. Simply put, I help people to help themselves by turning shit to gold.  You can read a bit about it HERE.


I have always been into movement, from athletics to dance and parkour. I found myself drawn to yoga and mixed-movement as a more fun and effective way to get people in pain to feel better and enjoy moving more freely.


FlowMotion developed as a way to combine all of the movement styles I enjoy in one class and I have been teaching these classes since all the way in 2013.

Now that I’ve talked myself up suitably, I think it’s time to let you know that as much I love to move, equally importantly I love to have a laugh (at myself) in the process. If this sounds like your cup to tea, I’d love you to join one of my group workshops, book a one-on-one session, or come along to one of my fabulous (if I do say so myself) retreats


If all you want to do it move, then join one of my incredibly fun movement classes or follow a recordings. 

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