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Who am I?

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Hi, I'm Amy. 

I'm here to uplift, inspire and liberate people to move and live freely. 

I sprinkle a bit of fun through all I do, be it hosting live events, doing stand up comedy, coaching or teaching my own brand of yoga movement. 

I've lived many lives. 

From dance to fashion, to osteopathy to yoga and personal development and relationship and health coaching, it has been a curiously convoluted path to realise that my best asset is my ability bring the fun to whatever I do.  


'm all about turning shit to gold - seeing the opportunities in the challenges - my own and other people's.  You can read a bit about it HERE.


I have always been into movement, from athletics to dance and parkour and circus movement, and am now lucky enough to perform on stages all over the world. 


FlowMotion developed as a way to combine yoga with some of the movement styles I enjoy and I have been teaching these classes since all the way in 2013.

So if you're looking for a fabulous host for your event, the funnest yoga teacher for your studio or a great mover for your show, send a carrier pigeon here.

If all you want to do it move, then join one of my incredibly fun movement classes

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