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Yoga Movement Variety
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It's yoga, but not as you know it. FlowMotion is my way of making yoga more fun & interesting and sharing my vast movement experience with yoga lovers. Dynamic classes draw on diverse movement disciplines to keep you on your toes, super strong and adaptable.


Relaxed classes deeply soothe your nervous system and gently stretch you in a unique way that helps you go further without the pain.


Scroll down for more detail.  

Live Class Schedule


12.30 -1.30pm - Vinyasa - The Life Centre, Notting Hill 


10am GMT Dynamic - Virgin Active Clapham (members only)

7pm Yin (Restorative Flow) - Yogaloft 

Want private lessons to master something specific? Handstands and other inversions are my forte. I teach from my studio in Notting Hill or online. Scroll down to book or email me.  

MUSIC! If you love the music I play in class, you can find my playlists on Spotify

Class Styles

Dynamic Flow

Move, wiggle, sweat, giggle

Feel like a rockstar in this playful and dynamic class with a yoga basis plus flavours of dance, inversions, animal movements, calisthenics, and more. No two classes are the same so you'll be kept on your toes, with enough continuity to make progress. 

The movement is fluid and set to a soundtrack designed to lift your spirits and inspire you to move in ways you'll love. There are options for different levels of ability so you'll be challenged in all the right ways, and find yourself doing things you may never have imagined possible and laugh in the process.  

People love Dynamic Flow because it's so fun they don't realise how hard they're working, it's non-dogmatic and offers unique challenges.

Restorative Flow

Soul soothing stuff

Soothe your nervous system, stretch your body and experience deep rest in my unique Restorative Flow classes. 


With a magical combination of simple breathing techniques, gentle rhythmic mobilisations and stretches that flow effortlessly, you will be invited to move (or not!) in ways designed to lull your body and mind, gradually ease into deeper stretches, and take the strain and pain out of them, before snuggling down into restorative poses for deep relaxation. Everything is done close to the floor. 


The class has a gentle dance-like feel and is set to beautiful music to move your body and soul. As such, participants have reported having transcendental experiences that had them delightfully soaring into the stratosphere.


It's great for people who need to relax by find it hard to keep still, or who find the intensity of yin too much, or anyone who needs time to deeply relax their body and mind.


Yoga, your way.

Lessons tailored to you, on the day. Full of energy or sleep-deprived and needing constructive rest, I've got you covered. Whether you just want a weekly stretch to keep yourself limber, structured headspace, accountability to do the practice or want to achieve something specific, we will work together to make it happen. Click the link above to get started. 

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