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pain & illness course

Back Pain

If long term pain or illness affects your daily life and gets in the way of a good time, this is for you. 

Arm yourself with tools to rethink your problem and turn it into your ally, thus setting yourself up for healing.

REcover from injury workshop

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If you're a movement lover with an injury, this workshop is for you. 

You will learn:

~how and why injuries occur

~how to get moving again

~how to deal with the frustration of not being able to move how you want

~turn injuries to our advantage 

Saturday 8th May 10am-12pm


Falling from inversions


Want to do inversions but too afraid? Want to know what to do if you fall? What if there was a workshop that could teach you how to fall without it being a big deal?

This workshop is for people who want to do inversions but are too scared to do them without a wall.

Sunday 13th June 2-4pm 

Triyoga Camden (not online)

Restorative Flow Workshop

Recording coming soon!

Great workshop for teachers who want to gain tools and ideas to bring to their yin classes.

~how moving helps us to relax

~the nervous system and how it relates to this practice

~types of stretching

~the benefits of moving in a stretch

~fascia & the nervous system

~types of stretching and ways to improve flexibility

Recording £30

yoga teacher mentoring

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~Lacking confidence in your teaching?

~Suffering from impostor syndrome?

~Struggle to manage injured students?

In this 3 month mentoring program, we meet weekly online and monthly in person (where possible) to boost your teaching confidence and make you the best teacher you can be. 



If injuries in yoga plague or frighten you, this workshop is for you. If you're a teacher anxious to keep your students safe, it's a must watch. 

We discussed

~how and why injuries occur ~how to rethink them

~turn injuries to our advantage 

Recording £30



If you love a handstand but can't quite stick it, this is for you. You will learn how to get up, how to come down and exactly what to do with your body to achieve balance.  Handstands are a skill that take a while to master.


In this upcoming course you will be given the drills and skills to get upside down and stay there.

Coming soon!