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Frequently asked questions


Some of those moves look hard, what if I can't do them?
I will teach you.  You'll be given instructions, demonstrations and maybe I'll get up close and personal to assist you.  Some of the movements will feel familiar and others brand new, like anything you're doing for the first time. Do your best to follow the instructions, have a go, fail, feel silly, we've all been there. Besides, do you have to be able to do everything right away? 

What's the difference between SlowMotion and Restorative Flow?

Restorative Flow is more snoozy and restorative than SlowMo.  SlowMo can be energising with active range of motion exercises and some light challenges, whereas Restorative Flow is more about getting into a zen flow state and requires less effort.  

Is it all incense and chakras? 
- Chak-what?! 

No incense. In fact, I hate incense.  It incenses me. 

I'm pregnant and still wanna play, may I?

Defs not in the first trimester. Focus on keeping that bun in the oven. After that, you might want to stick with the chilled classes as I don't offer specific variations for the bearers of future generations in the Dynamic class, which can involve things that Mini-You might not enjoy.  That said, if you're happy to skip a few moves, jump in.  Slow Motion and Restorative Flow classes are your friend, as they will be once you've delivered your treasure and want to gently reclaim your body. 

Got my period, can I still come?

Yes, darling, if you're feeling up to it, of course you may. You may even go upside down if you want to!  I don't subscribe to the school that shuns Aunt Flow or forbids inversions while menstruating. There is no evidence to say it's bad for you. (Patriarchal opinion is not fact).  Plus, there's evidence to show that exercising while menstruating can make you feel better (hoorah!), but either way it's an individual choice. 

Is it just for girls?

Hell no! Even the blokiest blokes need flow, mobility and coordination.  Skills are sexy and your [future] girlfriend/boyfriend/other lover will appreciate your new found agility. Hubba. 

Do you still teach yoga?

Yeah but no.  If I'm teaching at a yoga studio it'll be yoga with a hint of FlowMotion.  Depending on the studio and the group, I will push the envelope if people seem up for it.  Either way, you'll have a get your fix.

I'm old and decrepit, can I come?

Choose an Over 60s class or SlowMotion over Dynamic. If you struggle with daily movements, you'll probably struggle with the Dynamic class but you're welcome to get your flex on in SlowMotion and Restorative Flow. Better than that, get yourself some private lessons so you get what you really need.

My back hurts, will you rub it better?

We all love a good rub! But you won't get that here. I'm about re-educating your mind & body and finding ways of moving that relieve your pain and facilitate healing.  You are more likely to feel empowered and in control that way. I only use manual intervention in an acute situation where it can be more beneficial than on long term pain.

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