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Relief from Grief
Saturday 22nd January 2022





About the Day

You're grieving the loss of:
- a loved one
- unborn baby
- business deal
- money
...and you're experiencing the pain that comes with it.

Grief weighs us down but this process you'll feel freer, lighter and more accepting of your loss. This is a new, revolutionary way of tackling grief that has helped thousands of people who have experienced a loss, just like you.

During this day retreat you will dissolve the grief, feel connected to the person or thing you lost and feel lighter and reassured to live your life, respectfully as your loved one would want you to.

After the process you will shake off any residual energy in a movement session then deeply relax and consolidate your new perspective with a healing Gong bath to soothe and nourish your soul and continue the process of deep release.

Your Instructors

Charlie Merton & Amy Slevin

About Charlie

Charlie is a music therapist and qualified crystal and energy healer. She specialises in yin yoga and sound & gong baths. Her gong baths are a sublime blend of gongs and other instruments, the vibrations from which have a profound soothing and transformative effect on body and soul. She does one-to-one energetic medicine healing and sound therapy for people of all ages as well as providing gong bath trainings for adults.

About Amy

Amy is a mental skills coach who loves seeing people have “ah ha” moments, overcome the stuff that holds them back and give themselves permission to embrace their full nature and do what they truly love. She loves helping people work through their relationship difficulties and is particularly fascinated by pain, illness and the mind-body connection and relishes helping people transform their situations, do more of what they love and turn shit to gold!

Charlie Merton & Amy Slevin
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