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Day Retreat

Mindset, Breathwork, Movement & Gong Baths.
A transformational day in collaboration with renowned sound therapist Charlie Merton to help you move past your problem and have powerful personal breakthroughs.
You will work through your issue and emerge with a fresh perspective, feeling lighter, freer and with greater appreciation, insight and confidence in yourself and your life, and armed with life-changing tools you can apply to any difficult situation. 


In glorious surroundings in North London.

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What to expect:

Gong bath: you will lie down on the floor (on a mat) with a bolster under your knees, covered with a blanket. With eyes closed you will relax and hear the vibratory sound of the gongs and other instruments for 30-45 minutes. 

Mindset sessions:

After a brief introductory lecture, you will be asked a series of questions upon which you'll quietly reflect and write down your answers. It is not group therapy where you are expected to discuss your issues with the group. If you have questions you will be free to ask at any time, either privately or openly.
Note: As with anything worthwhile, the process can be challenging at times but is as rewarding and empowering as it is challenging. 

:Single Day £200   *Earlybird discount (20%) before 29th November 2021 use code EARLY20.

Proposed schedule (flexible)

9.30  Arrive
9.45  Breathwork & Gong bath
10.15  Break
10.30 - Mindset session  

11.30 - Movement session
12.30 - Lunch (not included in price - choose from the onsite cafe, local options or bring your own)
1.30 - Mindset session
4.30 - Movement session
5 - Gong Bath 
6 - Carriages
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