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Moving Past Pain, Injuries & Illness
Sunday 6th February 2022





About the Day

Got an illness or pain that won't go away?
A condition that's stopping you from doing what you love and making you question your entire existence?
Feel like you've lost part of yourself as a result of this problem?
Do you feel like your body has let you down or betrayed you?
Perhaps you feel a sense of shame that you have this issue.

On this day you will:
- rethink your relationship with your body
- reduce your frustration
- understand the higher purpose of your symptoms in your life
- stop resenting your body
- become aware of the hidden blessings of your condition and make it much more tolerable.

Conditions that this process can help with:

Back & neck Pain
Skin conditions (eg psoriasis, eczema, acne)
Long term injuries (eg hamstring tears, ankle, knee, wrist, shoulder & hip injuries)
Sexual & Urinary issues
Autoimmune Conditions (eg, multiple sclerosis, eczema, Rheumatoid Arthritis)
Mysterious, undiagnosed symptoms
Thyroid problems
Long Covid
Peptic ulcers
Migraines & headaches
Digestive problems
Gynaecological problems

This process will help:
- Reduce your suffering from your condition considerably
- Reframe your condition into something more positive and therefore more bearable
- You will gain a fresh perspective
- New insights into yourself, your life and people around you
- A greater appreciation for your body and condition.
- Gain insight into the higher purpose of your health issue then use it to open yourself to deeper healing and empowerment.

*This is not a cure. It is designed to take the stress and suffering out of your situation which *may* result in a change of symptoms.*

Not intended to replace medical treatment.

Your Instructors

Amy Slevin & Charlie Merton

About Charlie

Charlie is one of London's most renowned music therapists, yoga teacher and qualified crystal and energy healer. She specialises in yin yoga and sound & gong baths. Her gong baths are a sublime blend of five gongs and other instruments, the vibrations from which have a profound soothing and transformative effect on body and soul.
She does one-to-one energetic medicine healing and sound therapy for people of all ages as well as providing gong bath trainings for adults.

About Amy

Amy is a mental skills coach who loves seeing people have “ah ha” moments, overcome the stuff that holds them back and give themselves permission to embrace their full nature and do what they truly love. She loves helping people work through their relationship difficulties and is particularly fascinated by pain, illness and the mind-body connection and relishes helping people transform their situations, do more of what they love and turn shit to gold!

Amy Slevin & Charlie Merton
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