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how to heal a slipped disc

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

So you've been told you have a "slipped disc" or disc bulge or herniation. Let's clear one thing up straight away: discs don't just "slip" out. This terrifying prospect often leads to fear, increased pain, believing we are damaged beyond repair, catastrophising and a unnecessarily long process of frustration and poor recovery. So this article aims to help you on your way to recovery, bring down your anxiety by dispelling a few myths about disc injuries, and sharing some evidence-based tips.

Anatomy of an intervertebral disc

In order to understand the injury, it helps to understand the anatomy. If that's not interesting for you, scroll down.

Discs have 2 main parts: a toothpaste-like middle called the nucleus pulposus - literally translated at the ‘squishy middle’. This is surrounded by layers of fibrous tissue called the annulus fibrosus - the fibrous ring that encases the squishy middle and attaches very firmly to the vertebra above and below it. Don't believe me? Go buy some lamb barn chops and try to take off the disc and you'll see just how attached they are. This is what makes it impossible for them to "slip" out of place.