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Staying Perky at Work & Movement Snacks

Ever struggle to stay awake at work? Who doesn’t?! Or worry that all that sitting is slowly turning you into a floppy mess? Me too.

Since corona lockdown is "forcing" me to do more work from a computer at home I’ve definitely noticed that the more I sit, the more I WANT to sit; the motivation to get up and move dwindles, even when my neck and shoulders are screaming at me to move. So I decided to act upon my “jury from within” and introduce more little moments of movement – not a full workout, but just little snippets of movement to get my muscles working, blood flowing and brain glowing.

Benefits of movement snacks include (but aren’t limited to):

~ Keeps you strong and mobile

~ The aforementioned strength and mobility can help you perform activities of daily life with ease

~ Moving more helps keep us looking toned, which can boost your confidence (if that’s something you care about)

~ Helps keep blood circulating, & oxygen reaching your brain which MAKES YOU MORE PRODUCTIVE

~ If you’re more productive, you’re more likely to be appreciated by your boss & earn a pay rise (or if self employed, get more money)

~ Being more productive also helps your SELF ESTEEM and feel like you’re adding value to the world

~ Prevents aches and pains, especially in the common places such as neck & shoulders, lower back and wrists.

~ Keeps lymph moving around your body, which can help your immune system thrive

~ Keeps joints lubricated and nourished, which can help them healthy for you for longer


~ Stand whenever you’re reading or watching something

~ Drink lots of water a) cos it’s good for you and b) because you’ll be forced to take regular pee breaks which will make you get up and move

~ Let the movements you choose feel right for you in the moment it can as simple as a little stretch, or more energetic such as 3 star jumps, 1 burpee, skipping, running up and down the stairs (or even on the spot), a boogie – whatever you will ENJOY doing.

~ It doesn’t need to be an entire workout – that’s why it’s called MOVEMENT SNACKS – just little bits of movement throughout the day will be of significant benefit

Check out this little video on YouTube for more ideas...

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