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when does the hard work end?

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Doing some repairs on my house recently got me thinking: we are just like houses.

Houses require constant care if you want to keep them in good condition.

As ever evolving humans, we are the same - we all need ‘repairs’ and ‘upgrades’ - be they physical or mental. It’s a never ending process. Like houses, we are a constant work in progress.

The urgency to fix something varies. A broken boiler is more pressing than a cracked wall, like processing a death can be more pressing than that low grade grumbling resentment of a parent, colleague, ex or current lover.

To make things more fun, sometimes when you're repairing one thing, it reveals a bigger underlying issue. For example, that crack in the wall might be the result of rats gnawing away a beam, or your sore back, wrist or hamstring is the result of repressed emotions such as unresolved anger, or unrealistic expectations you’re placing on yourself.

Sure, a quick patch up sometimes works, but often the problem returns. Sometimes you need to gut the whole thing and build it back up again, this time stronger, better functioning and more beautiful. It can be a tough job but the result is all the more rewarding for the effort that went in.

Personally, I used to think ‘once I’ve dealt with this issue, I’ll be sorted’ and so I got frustrated when reality punched me in the face and there were more things to work on.

That’s because the world is constantly changing, so we are constantly encountering new experiences and new challenges so even when we think we’re sorted something new comes along to push us to grow. It's also what makes life fun and keeps us ticking over. How boring would life be if we never encountered challenges?

Growth is ongoing. It never ends, or when it does, our house crumbles, and we die.

The good news is that for humans as well as houses, when you do get to the core of an issue and TRULY resolve it, the problem really does go away. (Only for new issues to pop up, like a perpetual game of whack-a-mole).

You can resolve your issues and get back to doing what you love with my 4 week Pain & Illness Course. Click HERE for details.

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