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Hi, cool cat, I'm Amy


People work with me to overcome their health & injury stress and relationship problems.

If you're struggling with a medical diagnosis or ongoing pain or stressful relationship, we will reframe your issue into something more positive and give you the mental skills to get you through it, so you can do what you love and have more zest for life.


 If you’re a yoga and movement-lover looking for fabulous ways to move, you'll love my FlowMotion classes and events. 

You will learn how to think & move in new and liberating ways, through my Pain & Illness Transformation sessions, Mindset Magic coaching and FlowMotion mixed-movement classes.


You're in the right place if you want to take charge of your situation, empower yourself and awaken your mind and body in ways you never thought possible.



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Pain, Illness & Injury

  • Do pain or symptoms get in the way of you doing what you love?

  • Anxious about the long term implications of a medical situation?

  • Struggling to move past an injury or diagnosis?

  • Fed up living with a chronic injury, illness or condition?

  • Concerned that you're stuck with this forever?

  • Tried loads of treatments but getting nowhere?

  • Worried you'll never be the same again?

  • Feel like your body has let you down?

  • Feeling helpless that you'll never get better?

  • Fed up that no doctors can tell you what's wrong?

  • Wish you could find something that actually works?


Mindset Magic

  • Having trouble with a relationship - either family, work or romantic?
  • Wish someone in your life would behave differently?
  • Keep fighting about the same thing and getting nowhere?
  • Is a stressful situation keeping you up at night?
  • Feel like you're underqualified, or suffering from Imposter Syndrome?
  • Feeling stuck, lost or frustrated and don't know why?

  • Grieving the loss of someone you love?

  • Going through an emotional crisis?

  • Looking to heal trauma?

  • Want to change direction but not sure what?


Mental skills coaching can help. 



Lauren, Mindset Magic

Amy has a way of asking questions that get to the point and both humble and empower me at the same time.

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Odessa, Illness Course

Through Amy's course, I reframed my condition into something far more positive. I even came to recognise how having it has enabled me to better meet my own needs. I feel much more comfortable with myself as a result. 

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Georgia, Grief Process

I've been absolutely fine. I still think about him every day but emotionally I'm fine. The grief process genuinely helped, I feel a lot of relief, relief that I can stop feeling the pain and it's ok. It's not disrespectful and he'd probably want me to do exactly this.



Amy has a way of making you do things you thought you couldn't do without you realising!

- Jen, 35

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for the love of movement

If you love to move your body, but find yoga classes too repetitive, then you are in the right place.


I created FlowMotion to bring stimulating (no, not like that) moves from different disciplines into one space, to help you feel strong & sexy whilst expanding your movement possibilities and keeping you agile and active for all eternity*.


Think yoga, martial arts, parkour, gymnastics, osteopathy & animal moves (that’s right, bunny hops can be sexy).

*claims of eternal activeness & agility may be exaggerated.

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I like it because it's not like normal yoga. This is so fun and I love the sequences. 


- Judith, 32


Join the crew and receive a free mind-body wellness meditation 

Bravo! You're in.


Understanding Pain Workshop

For manual therapists, body workers and people who work with people in pain.


Expand your understanding of pain and ways to treat it.


You missed it - watch the recording.

Day Retreats

A series of day retreats offering Gong Baths in conjunction with Charlie Merton and Mindset Transformations on the following:

  • Injury & Pain

  • Grief & loss (including break ups) 

  • Illness

  • Difficult Relationships

  • Imposter Syndrome 

  • Figure Out What You Really Want

Dates & location TBC



Heal Your Back Pain

Everything you need to help you overcome your pain. 


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