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Hi, cool cat, I'm Amy. 

I'm here to uplift and inspire you - to move, think and live freely, sprinkling the fun wherever I go. 


By day, I teach yoga & movement and coach people overcome their health, pain & relationship stress.

And by night... I bring it all together performing as a live event host and circus artist.  

Whether you want to escape your miserable existence, understand it and yourself better, or tackle it head on, all while having a laugh, I've got you covered.  

Stay tuned for my upcoming "talent shows" - monthly shows with phenomenal physical and vocal performers, singalongs, dancealongs and valuable life lessons that'll keep you coming back for more. 

In the meantime, transform your health & relationship stress through my Pain & Illness Transformation courses, Mindset Magic coaching and lose yourself in the flow of my mixed-movement classes, FlowMotion.



Transformational coaching for mind and body

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Pain, Illness & Injury

  • Got an injury or illness that's in the way of you doing what you love?

  • Feel like your body has let you down?

  • Fed up living with a chronic injury, illness or health condition?

  • Worried you'll never be the same again and want help coming to terms with what's going on with your body?

  • Need help dealing with the stress & frustration that come with what feels like a broken body?


Mindset Magic

  • Is a stressful situation keeping you up at night?

  • Having trouble with a relationship - either family, work or romantic?

  • Wish someone in your life would behave differently?
  • Keep fighting about the same thing and getting nowhere?
  • Grieving the loss of someone you love?

  • Consumed by negative thoughts?

Mental skills coaching can help. 



Lauren, Mindset Magic

Amy has a way of asking questions that get to the point and both humble and empower me at the same time.

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Odessa, Illness Course

Through Amy's course, I reframed my condition into something far more positive. I even came to recognise how having it has enabled me to better meet my own needs. I feel much more comfortable with myself as a result. 

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Georgia, Grief Process

I've been absolutely fine. I still think about him every day but emotionally I'm fine. The grief process genuinely helped, I feel a lot of relief, relief that I can stop feeling the pain and it's ok. It's not disrespectful and he'd probably want me to do exactly this.



Amy has a way of making you do things you thought you couldn't do without you realising!

- Jen, 35

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for the love of movement

If you love to move your body, but find yoga too dull, then you are in the right place.


I created FlowMotion to bring funky moves from different disciplines into one space, to help you feel strong & sexy whilst expanding your movement possibilities and keeping you agile and active for all eternity*.


Think yoga, martial arts, parkour, gymnastics, osteopathy & animal moves (that’s right, bunny hops can be sexy). Most of all, it's fun. 

*claims of eternal activeness & agility may be exaggerated.

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I like it because it's not like normal yoga. This is so fun and I love the sequences. 


- Judith, 32



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Transform Your

Back Pain

Everything you need to help you overcome your pain. 


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