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Your Body Talks. Are You Listening?

A crucial step on recovering from long term illness or pain is acknowledging the essential role it's playing in your life.

I had a knee injury for a looooong time. Like 5 years long. It stopped me from doing all the wonderful things I love, like parkour. The pain and the meaning I gave it drove me to absolute despair. I felt overwhelmed with frustration and just wanted it to get better NOW.

But everything changed for me when I finally acknowledged that my knee pain was the site of all the frustrations in my life:

1. a dog I was struggling with but felt too guilty to rehome;

2. feeling resentful and exhausted from teaching too many yoga classes;

3. coaching sessions I wasn’t enjoying but felt obliged to stick with (because my dad kept insisting they would help!).

(I’ve skipped a few steps to get to the good bit).