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Two Questions To Help You Through A Flare Up

Our bodies are amazing feedback systems that are designed to keep us accountable to our highest good. Sometimes of course, it can feel quite the opposite.

I’ve found that for myself and the people I work with, the right questions help us to a) understand ourselves and the problem better and b) then take the steps to remedy it.

  1. What was I doing PHYSICALLY - this can be a particular movement, activity, food, product etc.

2. What was I doing MENTALLY - what were you thinking right before you noticed the symptom(s)? Some symptoms take a while to appear, so this can be tricky. But often your intuition knows the source situation that triggered the flare up so sit with it, be brutally honest with yourself and it may come to you.

Sometimes it’s a casual conversation with someone important where we didn’t speak our truth; not living according to what’s TRULY most important to us; or trying to prove something to someone; or not setting a boundary… the list goes on.

When we start to see symptoms as (highly cryptic encoded🙄) messages from our higher selves, they can become a lot less stressful and we can even start to use them as a kind of barometer for how authentic we’re being.

But of course, if someone had told me this when mine was at its worst and interfering with what I thought I wanted, I’d have said ‘up yours’🖕.

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