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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

As #lockdown2 and the threat of martial law descend, it may feel like our freedom is being impinged upon again but freedom and restriction exist in balance at all times. 

Outside of lockdown when we felt free, we were restricted by the shackles of the rat race, following externally-imposed schedules, many of us wage slaves and having little time to enjoy things that were meaningful to us, just to make money to pay for a home we spent relatively little time in. 

Under lockdown we had freedom and time to reconnect with people we love (and get sick of them!), we were free not to wear trousers, to follow a more liberal schedule and explore activities we previously had not enough time for. 

In previous centuries religion would tell us what to think. We’ve mostly freed ourselves from that and are instead being told what to think by the media. 

Where one freedom or restriction disappears another one appears. 

Now that lockdown is here, opportunities for freedom arise once more. Our freedoms and restrictions are always there equally, just in different forms. Freedom exists, even when it seems like it doesn’t, you just have to look for it. 

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