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Feeling Lost After Lockdown?

If you’ve ever felt or are currently feeling unsure about what you want in life, you’re not alone. It is normal to feel lost or ‘what now?’ at various points in your life. As we evolve our tastes change - you may have enjoyed playing with Barbies or Action Man when you were 8 but now you prefer to play with real babies or do triathlons (if you do - I salute you cos those bitches are HARD).

If you‘ve had a baby and exercise less than you used to, or if lockdown stopped you doing something you really enjoyed and you took up a new job or hobby, you might be asking yourself why you aren’t going back to your previous activity, and maybe even beating yourself up for not doing more of your previously enjoyed pursuit.

Essentially, there’s been a rapid and dramatic shift. And it’s only a problem because you expect yourself to still value the old thing as highly as you used to and you aren’t fully aware of what you’re getting out of this new thing.

So instead of judging yourself, it can help to acknowledge that your interests have shifted and it’s just part of your evolution. Maybe you’ll go back to the previous interest at some point, maybe you won’t. Either way, it’s all normal.

Regardless, it can be really helpful to take a long, hard look at ourselves and our lives (ask some key questions) to see what is truly important to us. It can be very elucidating to ask yourself what you have perceived as missing at various points in your life, as we are constantly seeking to fulfil those voids.

If you are feeling lost or sense something bigger going on, you might want to pop along to my Day Event on 2nd July where we’ll be taking a deep dive into what REALLY floats your boat.

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