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Don’t Shrink To Keep Other People Comfortable.

There’s a secret behind this photo. I did something a bit naughty to get it...

It was taken (by me) on a retreat while the rest of the group were doing a beauty session that interested me less than getting in some handstand practice.

But I had to make an awkward choice - go sit and do something that didn’t particularly inspire me, or do what I love for 2 hours.

No-brainer? Not quite. The potential consequences of offending the lovely session leader and other guests, and therefore ostracising myself from the group were knocking about my head.

The same thing happens with a lot of our Life choices too - you know you want to do something you love, but thoughts about what other people might think and losing the support of certain people often prevent you from doing it.

So I chose to embrace my villain and do something meaningful to me, instead of conforming to make others comfortable - as was in fact the theme of the retreat. I mean, this shit writes itself.

When you conform to keep other people happy, you do yourself AND THEM a disservice.

It is scary. Transcending the approval of other people is tough. But it’s doable.

Either you gotta be conscious of how you doing what you want helps them (get what they want).


Not give a fuck.

(Or a bit of both).

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