yoga teacher mentorship

Lacking confidence in your teaching?
Suffering from impostor syndrome?
Struggle to manage injured students?

In this 3 month mentoring program, we meet weekly online and monthly in person (where possible) to boost your teaching confidence. 

  • Dissolve your fear of messing up

  • learn how to deal with injured students

  • get really fluent at delivering instructions

  • improve your understanding of the reasoning behind poses and movements 

Investment: £300 

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You've been teaching between 0 and 2 years, your confidence with teaching is low and you feel like a fraud, sure that it's only a matter of time until you'll be outed for your ineptitude!


You feel your training left some gaps in your knowledge that you'd like to fill

You didn't get enough practice during your training, and it's hard to put yourself out there to get teaching gigs when you doubt your abilities. 

 You could benefit from having clear guidance on how to deliver clear, concise instructions to your students, how to find your voice

You are eager to be the best teacher you can be, to provide your students with great classes, and you're prepared to go beyond your comfort zone and face criticism to achieve it. 

the program

Many teacher trainings throw a lot of information at you but don't give you so much time to practice teaching.  

But this is the best way to improve your skills and confidence.

So that's what you'll do a LOT of in this program. 

You will also learn: 

  • How to deal with difficult students

  • How to keep your cool in challenging situations

  • Covering classes - the challenges and how to rise above them

  • How to cope under pressure

  • Manage injured students

  • Ask all the questions you've been harbouring

  • Improved applied anatomy  

  • Teaching online vs in person

But more than practice, you will receive detailed feedback on your delivery, instruction, and demonstration to help you develop your skills. 

You will have plenty of opportunity to ask all the questions that may have been left unanswered or come up since your training. 

You will be guided to connect with your teaching style, find your voice and own who you are as a teacher.

The program aims to build your confidence and give you the tools so you can grow into the best teacher you can be. 

You may have to face some uncomfortable criticism - but you are ok with this because you know that it will help you in the long term.  This will build your real-world resilience and prepare you for the realities of teaching.  

your teacher

I understand your situation SO well.  I struggled for years feeling like I had nothing to offer, and like I didn't belong in the yoga world, feeling like a fraud because I wasn't into the spiritual stuff; doubting myself and wondering what I was doing wrong that so few people came to my classes.  

I got caught in a trap of trying to please everyone and ended up exhausting myself and feeling deflated and defeated after every class. 

Many years later I have embraced my teaching style, having examined how it benefits my students, rather than hindering them. 


I will share with you everything my struggles have taught me, things I wish I'd been told in the early days and tips to make your teaching feel and come across as confident and fluent, and bring out the expert within you. 

So whether you want to lead your students in an Om or guide them along a strong vinyasa or a zenned out yoga nidra, I will help you find and own your unique style so you can shine.