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Yoga Injuries and How to Manage & Learn From Them 



Created for yoga teachers and students, this 2 hour workshop aims to take the fear out of injuries by detailing how and why they happen and how to adjust your mindset to remove the suffering associated with them. 


Can there be benefits to both teacher and student from injuries?

-Is there a hidden lesson in getting injured and what is it?

-the causes and types of injury, and who is responsible 

-what students and teachers can learn from injuries

-recurring pain in our yoga practice

-how to navigate back into yoga post injury

-how to adjust your practice when there is an injured body part

We will discuss:

~How injuries occur

~Why injuries occur



Using knowledge from my osteopathy training and years of treating my own and other people's injuries, I share tips and techniques on how to help injured students avoid and recover from your own. 

As this is a recording of a live, interactive workshop, there are the experiences of the participants who contribute to the discussion. ​

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