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Unconventional Yin Workshop

Some call it Yin, I call it Restorative Flow. A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet but not all roses are the same. Yin yoga traditionally involves holding a deep stretch for 6 minutes or more.


But if you've done one of my classes you'll know that I do things a little differently.


In this workshop I will discuss ~how moving helps us to relax

~the nervous system and how it relates to this practice

~types of stretching

~the benefits of moving in a stretch

~fascia & the nervous system

~types of stretching and ways to improve flexibility​


Drawing on osteopathic principles, neuroscience and muscle physiology I will go into detail on the benefits of gentle movement in the context of Yin yoga.

You will learn:

- how the practice benefits your nervous system and brain, muscles and joints
- different stretching methods
- ideas around comfort and discomfort in the practice

The first part of the workshop will be mostly interactive lecture where you will be invited to ask questions. This will be followed by a delicious, unconventional yin practice and relaxation.

Join me on this 2 hour journey to dive deep into the theory behind traditional and unconventional Yin methodologies and how they benefit both your body and mind.

Great for practitioners and teachers who want to add tools to their arsenal.

Props: You might like to bring a bolster and blanket, but these aren’t essential

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