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Sunday Sessions

The Coolest Personal Development Club



Small group coaching in which you work on an issue that is most affecting your life at the moment. I guide you with relevant questions (and the occasional uncomfortable truth) to help you transform your perceptions and rewire your brain so you can move forward once and for all. 


No story telling, no excuses, no nonsense.


No need to share your deepest, darkest secrets with a bunch of strangers (or worse - people you might know!).  Just getting down to the nitty gritty and sorting yourself out.


WHERE: Either online or chez moi (sofa spaces limited).  

WHEN: The last Sunday of the month 2-4/5pm GMT

(we'll start with 2 hours, and if you need more, you get more). 

Starting 27th February 2022.


You choose a health or relationship issue that is most bugging you at the moment then I guide the group through a process to work through it and hold you each accountable to break through.

I will help individuals as required.

Everyone will work at their own pace, which means some people will work faster than others, and I'll set each person the question that's relevant to them in that moment. 


What it IS - Time and space for you to work through your shit and transform a problem from shit to gold. 

What it's NOT - group therapy or a group analysis of one person's problem. 

 What qualifies me to help people deal with their shit? Find out HERE.

There is the option for 1-2-1 sessions if you prefer. Scroll down for deets.