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Coaching For Teenagers & Young People

A parent is only as happy as their most unhappy child. The child's stress becomes the parent's stress.  When a teenager is having a tough time due to academic pressures, social concerns, bullying or figuring out who they are and what they want, you want to do all you can to give them the best help. And of course there are some life lessons you wish they'd hurry up and learn already! 


I can help.  As a teenager who experienced it all - divorced parents, not fitting into social groups, peer pressure to be a certain way, feeling less-than, unsure of what I wanted and on the receiving end of some nasty comments and behaviours, and having come through it all, I am in a great position to help.

Sometimes relations between parent and child can become strained, especially if the child perceives their parent is trying to "fix" them.  In these situations it can be useful to work with the parent(s) as well so that everyone deepens their understanding of each other and themselves, and to help bring things back into harmony. 


Clarity on Academic & Career Choices

Choosing GCSE & A Level & university subjects or deciding whether or not university is even the right option is a major source of stress, as teenagers weigh up all the options. They can feel they have too many options, or no good ones at all, and a huge amount of pressure to have it all figured out NOW, plus a huge amount of fear that they'll make the wrong decision. I work with teens (and adults!) to help them get clearer on what they want to do and what they might need to do to get there. 


Anxiety and Depression

 Academic pressure, friendship troubles, social media and bullying can take their toll. I offer compassionate support to help teens navigate the things that keep them up at night and make them want to skip school.  Through personalized sessions, teens learn coping strategies, build resilience, gain confidence and improve emotional regulation.

I guide them to develop strategies for healthier social interactions, academic success, and balanced social media use.

This empowering approach fosters a sense of control and well-being, promoting healthier, happier lives. 


Family Relations 

improve the relationship between parents and teenagers by fostering mutual understanding and respect. I work with both parties where necessary to identify and address underlying issues, bridge generational gaps, and develop effective communication strategies. Through guided sessions, parents and teens learn to appreciate each other's perspectives, set healthy boundaries, and strengthen their emotional connection, creating a more harmonious and supportive family dynamic.

Get in Touch

If you would like to book some sessions for you or your teenager, drop me a line.  

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