pain & illness course

What is it?

  • Are you fed up with pain and feeling helpless?

  • Are you frustrated that it is preventing you from doing what you love?

  • Do you fear you’ll never get better?

  • You've tried loads of different treatments and not had much success

It's time for a different approach. 

Health issues and pain need not be as bad as you think, as you will discover in this course which will help take the suffering out of your situation. 

Pain & illness can be frustrating and soul destroying -  going from doctor to doctor and trying loads of different treatments with little success.  If you're fed up and feeling helpless, sign up now. 

Pain doesn't not have stop you doing what you love. In fact, pain & illness are one of life’s greatest teachers. On this course, we will turn your situation around.  You will HOW to turn your body from an enemy to an ally. 


This workshop will teach you to:

  • Unlearn your pain/condition

  • Reframe your problem to turn it into a blessing

  • Take the fear of this health crisis happening again

  • Take control of your health

  • Understand the science of appreciating your body no matter the condition it is in, and how this relates to speeding up the recovery process

  • Have belief that you can bounce back to action

  • Feel optimistic about your body again

  • Transform any challenge into an opportunity

  • Learn tools you can use to help you deal with any difficulty in your life 

If painful movement is an issue, choose the Individual Sessions option and we will work to help you unlearn your pain through specific tailored exercises. 

 We take a pragmatic approach to transforming your relationship between your body and your psychology and reframe your situation, taking out the suffering and unlocking your body's healing potential plus give you tools you can apply to all areas of your life.

This is great for:

~unexplained symptoms

~back & neck pain


~long term illness/infection

~ongoing/repetitive injuries

~autoimmune conditions


~skin conditions such as eczema

*PLEASE NOTE - there is no yoga/movement in the group sessions.* 

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The course consists of weekly workshops and optional individual sessions.​


1. Weekly group sessions - 4 x 60-90 mins



​2. Optional weekly 1-2-1 sessions - 4 x 60-90 mins £350

(usual value £120/hr) 

  • Access to session recordings

  • Exercises to complete on your own

For best results take individual sessions. 

​Sunday afternoons 5pm GMT



Starting 11th April 2021 60-90 mins

​Money back guarantee - if you attend all sessions and do the work as required. 

If you're ready for change and prepared to put in the effort to help yourself, book now.

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Kat's story

Mia, 36, London

Amy's Health Crisis workshop gave me the tools I didn't know I needed to reframe how a major illness impacted my life. I was initially skeptical about the process, but with Amy's humour and humility to guide me through, I came out with a more positive perspective about an illness that profoundly impacted my life. Amy has a way of connecting with her clients that puts them at ease from the start, and I couldn't have done this healing without her. 

Lisa, 36, London

I did the four week Pain and Illness course with Amy and had amazing results. To the point where it’s hard for me now to remember how much pain I used to be in constantly. It’s eased so much that I find myself thinking was it really that bad before?! I’d spent thousands of pounds on osteo, acupuncture and massage over 12 years trying to get relief from neck pain and head aches and two weeks into the course with Amy I had a massive shift. It was not easy work, and at times I was thinking why is she even asking me about this and why do I have to talk about that? But I felt really comfortable being completely honest with Amy and she shares just as much as she expects you to. I honestly would recommend this course so much. I have had a huge reduction in pain, take far less painkillers and just generally feel like a huge burden has been lifted and feel really satisfied with the insights I gained about why it was there to begin with. Do this course if you have been looking for answers and not finding them anywhere!

Chris, 27, Canada

A month ago I was looking on Facebook for back support groups to see if I could find some answers on how to help me get better. Then when I received a message from Amy about her program and how she can help me I was a bit hesitant at first. But now I’m glad I did it and got to talk to her about my problems in life. She’s helped me see life differently instead of looking at all the negatives in my life and found more positive and for that I’m forever great full for her. Now I feel I can also use some of these tools she has given me to keep doing better and also to help others that struggle in life. So for that I thank you Amy! So for anyone who’s unsure about it if they wanna sign up and try just give it a shot because I believe she can help a lot of people. Thank you for reading my story