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Using your mind to help your body

Transform your body from enemy...

  • An injury or illness is driving you mad and you want help dealing with the stress of it. 

  • You believe your body (or a part of it) is broken.

  • You're undergoing treatment and want to give your body the best chance by changing your mindset. ​​​

  • You're frustrated with not being able to do what you love, living a limited life, and afraid of using a body part in case you injure it again.

  • You have a sense that stress is contributing to your problem and you want to unpack it but don't know how.

  • You've tried everything to get better but are still experiencing the hopelessness and frustration of persistent pain or illness.  I've been through it and know how debilitating and all-consuming it is. 

  • You feel that your body is working against you, and has let you down.


  • You're overwhelmed by the futility and helplessness that you are stuck with this.

  •  You've tried so many treatments and are hesitant about investing time and money in something you don't know will work. 


  • You are consumed by the fear of the problem returning, only to end up stuck in a loop and are frustrated as a result. 

  • You feel like you'll never get better and believe you're crazy for still having this issue after all this time.

  • Your identity as an athlete or active person is now in question and you feel you've lost a part of yourself.

  • If you feel you're not lovable, damaged goods as a result of a health issue, I've been there, overcome it and can show you how too. ally.

When we've lived with a problem so long it can be difficult to imagine life without it or know where to turn. 

This process will help you:

  • Reduce how much your symptoms interfere with your life.

  • Get to the core of the issue, transform your life and set yourself up for healing (where possible - we can't make limbs magically regrow but we can help you accept that they're gone). 

  • Turn your tragedy into triumph.

  • Get back to doing what you love and loving your body (as impossible as that seems now).

  • Take control of your health and understand your body better. 

  • Prepare for life post illness or injury.

  • See how your body is on your side and helping you (in its slightly sick and twisted way!)

  • Interpret the signals your body is sending you.

  • Open your eyes to the hidden order and magic behind your mess.

  • ...Then turn it to your advantage

  • Work on the real issue behind the issue.


  • Acquire the tools to take control of your situation and trust your body to heal itself (sometimes without the need for scary and painful treatments.   


The longer you've had a health issue, the longer it can take to unravel it and retrain your mind-body to respond differently. This might sound discouraging but it's intended to help manage your expectations.