Pain & Illness Transformation

Pain & Illness Transformation

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     Transform your body from enemy to ally. 

  • You've tried everything to get better but are still experiencing the hopelessness and frustration of persistent pain or illness.  I've been through it and know how debilitating it is. 

  • You're frustrated with not being able to do what you love, feeling that your body is out of control and overwhelmed with the futility and helplessness that comes with it. 


  • If you feel like you'll never get better and believe you're crazy for still having this issue after all this time and to feel confused and let down by conflicting opinions and health care systems, I'd love to help you. 

  • If you are struggling self worth - feeling you're not lovable, damaged goods as a result of a health issue, I've been there and overcome it. 

  • You fear the problem returning and are consumed by the fear of getting it again ten times worse, only to end up trying treatments that give you side effects so there's no healing of the original problem.

  • When we've lived with a problem so long it can be difficult to imagine life without it or know where to turn. 


  • Often the solution lies within us and it is my job to arm you with the tools to take control of your situation and trust your body to heal itself without the need for scary and painful treatments.   


  • My aim is to give you with physical and mental tools to get to the core of the issue and help you take control of your situation and set yourself up for healing.   

  • Your recovery is very much down to YOU.  Think of me as a catalyst or facilitator, rather than a miracle healer.  I will shower you with all the TLC and tools in my arsenal but you have to be prepared to work too.