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back pain revolution

Transform your back pain. Revolutionise your life.
 Starting October 2020

Back pain has been driving you to despair, holding you back from doing what you love, disturbing your sleep, or even making you gain weight. 

If you've tried all the therapies without success and now you're ready to reclaim your power and accountability in your healing journey, this is for you.  If this is your first port of call - great!

With this tried & tested program you can transform your pain... and your life. Retrain your brain and nervous system for long-term results.


Heal your body and mind through personalised individual and group coaching, sequential exercise training videos, mental exercises, safe and challenging workouts, downloadable guides and community support.

~ Packed with up-to-date advice and information to help you overcome, understand & take control of your pain

~ Individual and group coaching online

~ Move freely again with the Exercise Pick n' Mix, movement snacks & full workouts 

~ Discover how your pain is helping you and use this to unlock your body's natural ability to heal itself

~  Community support


This method has helped me realise how much I was storing emotions in my lower back and helped me resolve them, and reduce my back pain. It's been mindblowing!


Every time I have a flare up I do some of these movements and the next day my pain is gone!


The insights I have gained from this program have been a revelation. I realised how much my mysterious pain was linked with pressures I put on myself in my work. This process helped me shift my mindset and my pain.    

Book a call to see if your needs are a good fit for the program 

Thanks! Looking forward to talking to you.

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